Women groups in Kibera Slum

Kibera is the largest urban slum in Africa and its located in Nairobi, Kenya. Groups of people have come up to address the un ending challenges in the slum, women’s organization inclusive and these have been assigned the project of leading a team of five volunteers in setting up women self help groups in Kibera.
The overall goal of the project is economic independence for the women. Each self help group will work towards creating and selling traditional jewellery and handicrafts from Kenya.


Funds for the project are limited and we foresee the need for more voluntary participation.
We therefore appeal to all well wishers to support this great cause by donating what ever they have (funds and manpower) to make this project a success and improve the livelihoods of our brothers and sister who dwell in this slum.

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Hand Craft

Jewellery made by women groups staying in Kibera slum